Friday, May 14, 2010

The love of Heavenly Mother

If we don't understand God's love, we can not be joyful always or give thanks in all circumstances, nor we can give glory to God.
About 2,000 years ago, when the apostles understood the love of Christ Jesus who was sacrificed even to death on the cross, the good news about Him was rapidly spreading to many people of the world. In the last days too, when we understand our heavenly Mother's love and our heavenly Father's will, we will lead our lost family to Zion.
Our Mother unconditionally give us love without expecting to get anything back. How shall we please our Mother? Let's hurry to seek for our lost brothers and sisters, that our Mother will restore Her eternal glory and sit on Her glorious throne. This is the greatest thing we are to do for Her as Her children.
When we lead the last one of the 144,000 into Mother's arms, we will repay our Mother for all Her sacrifice and love toward us. Let's proclaim God's love to the ends of the earth and produce abundant fruit of love, always remembering Mother's sacrificial love for us and giving thanks to Her.