Friday, December 4, 2009

Passover and Christ Ahn Sahng Hong

Now, there are so many disasters everywhere in the world, wars, famines, earthquakes, global warming. Wheneaver such things occur people tremble with fear, not knowing who or what they should set their hearts on.
Modern people who live in the age of the high-tech science, feel fear about the coming disasters and the end of mankind and they try to find various ways to scape the disasters, trying to find refuge underground or at the bottom or the sea or on a planet outside the earth, so that they may scape the threat of nuclear weapons.
How ever the Bible says clearly that even by using the modern scientific methods, no one can scape God's fierce anger. It also says that the last disaster will come upon all the earth, not just upon parts of it.
However God has prepared a way to scape the disaster when such day comes. He made the way-the good news of salvation-known to us. We can get it only trough the Bible, not through any high-tech equipment developed by scientists.
God's promise is that we will scape disaster only through the Passover. Also when we celebrate the Passover we receive the seal of God. God abide in us, and we in Him (Jn 6:56) As we dwell in God we belong to Him.
Christ Ahn Sahng Hong came from the east and has made us His own by putting His seal on us through the Passover. He has firmly promised to protect us from any destructive disasters, He is now calling His children living in the last days of disasters, to celebrate the Passover and scape the last plagues.
He is God Almighty.

Now, there are so many dissters eveywhere in te world: wars, terror, famines, aerthquakes and deadly cold or heator flood caused by changes i weather patterns.