Thursday, July 29, 2010

Father Christ Ahn Sahng and Mother Jerusalem will change us into a beautiful good fruit

Heavenly Father Christ Ahn Sahng Hong and heavenly Mother Jerusalem gave us this amazing mission to preach the gospel and to save the world in this Holy Spirit age.
Father said 2,000 years ago that every good tree bears good fruit and that a bad tree bears a bad fruit. By saying this heavenly Father teaches us that gospel preachers can never bear good fruit unless they become good trees.

If we want to bear good fruit, we must first change ourselves. In order to become good trees we should try to lead the world in the right path and to set an example in everything we do, by paying attention to the words and teachings of Father Christ Ahn Sahng and Mother Jerusalem. In addition, we need to make efforts to lead a spiritual life that can enable us to be beautiful reborn every day.
As gospel workers called by Father Christ Ahn Sahng and Mother Jerusalem, we should become fisrt good trees and then become good soil, so we can produce good fruit.
As good frits let us turn into joy and peace, gentleness and humility, obedience and action, love and gratitude, faith and hope, kindness and goodness, self control and patience, brotherly kindness and fear toward God. Only then can we produce good fruit-ten times, a hundred times or a thousand times what was sown.