Friday, July 9, 2010

Christ Ahn Sahng Hong and Mother Jerusalem, the Word in the beginning

Christ Ahn Sahng Hong is the root of David and the bright Morning Star. He came in 1948 for a second time, as the prophecy testifies and opened what the seven thunders spoke. He has disclosed the last secret of heaven, our Holy Mother Jerusalem.
He has revealed His glory according to the prophecies of the Bible. He is the savior in the age of the Holy Spirit, the First and the Last, the Beginnning and the End.
Christ Ahn Sahng Hong has brought the truth, the new covenant, our Holy Mother Jerusalem. He is given us hidden manna and new name "Christ Ahn Sahng Hong".
Christ Ahn Sahng Hong is the Holy Spirit and He came with His Bride, our Mother Jerusalem, They are God Elohim, the Word in the beginninig, They give us eternal life only to the chosen children.
Let us receive Their salvation.

Let us repay Christ Ahn Sahng Hong's holy sacrifice

Christ Ahn Sahng Hong, our Father Almighty God, came down into this world, in this age of the Holy Spirit to seek and to save us through His water of life (Lk. 19:10).
He came to this earth and suffered so many things for thirty seven years to save us sinners. Through His coming He destroyed death forever. Even though we are sinful children, He loves us so much.
Now we, God's children let us wake up and rise, let us cry out together, let us proclaim our Holy Father and our Holy Mother Jerusalem's salvation to the whole world (Is. 62:1-6), let us go toward eternity for our heavenly kingdom where the door of glory opens wide and we will live for ever and ever.

Mother Jerusalem loves us beyond all words

Galatian 4:26: "But the Jerusalem that is above is free and She is our Mother"
We have a Mother and She is perfect and is so amazing!!
Mother Jerusalem regards as small in Her love our great and grievous sins; but our small good deeds and little faith, our Mother Jerusalem sees as big and great. Though we are many, She knows every detail concerning us. She loves us beyond all words. Mother Jerusalem's love is beyond description. By the water of life, She cleanses us from all our sins. She gives us eternal life, only through Her we can have salvation and enter the kingdom of heaven and we will reigh with Her in eternity.
Thank You Mother Jerusalem for Your salvation, thank You for your sacrifice, thank You for Your love!!!