Friday, December 18, 2009

Christ Ahn Sahng Hong and the Mystery of the Passover

In the Old Testament times those who kept the old covenant could escape disasters. In 1948 BC when the israelites, came out of Egypt,the blood of the Passover lamb became a sign for them, that they were saved from the plague. In the days of King Hezekiah also, the king and his people who kept the Passover were saved from invasion by Assyria with the help of an angel in the city of Jerusalem (2 Chronicles 30:4-10). King Hezekiah kept the Passover as soon as he sat on the throne, accepting the advice of the prophet Isaiah because he wanted to secure his nation with God's blessing and to be protected by Him in a time of dreadful tribulation. As long as King Hezekiah kept the Passover, as a result of his faith and deeds, Judah remained under the protection of God and was protected even in a time of tribulation.
The Passover is indeed the profound and amazing trut of life. When e celebrate the Passover of the new covenant, in the New Testament times, we are redeemed of this sinful world through the blood of Christ, we destroy all the others gods because we worship the true God alone and it bacames the mark with which we can escape the last seven plagues.

The tree of life and Christ Ahn Sahng Hong

We all know the story of Adam and Eve, right? God put them in the Garden of Eden and commanded them not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because if they eat from it, thew will surely die. (Gen: 2:16), but as we know, they disobeyed God and they ate. But, did God now that Adam and Eve ould eat from the tree of the good and evil, or not?.
We can not say that God Almighty, who had declared the end from the beginning did not know (Isaiah 46:10)and because he knew it, also he prepared another tree in the same garden in order to give life...etenal life. The tree of life. But what happened? Why Adam and Eve did not eat from this tree and became inmortals again. The Bible testified in Gen 3: 24 that God placed two cherubines with a flaming sword flashing back and forth. (Gen2:24), so God blocked the way for the Tree of life, so they were not able to it from it, nor receive eternal life.
God is the only one that can unblocked the way for the tree of life. 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ, in the Passover night unblocked the way for the tree of life, when He gave us His flesh and blood through the bread and wine (Matthew 26:26), because He said: "I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the son of man and drink his blood you have nolife in you, whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life and I wil raise him up at the last day. It means that when we celebrate the Passover, we eat from the tree of life.
Our Father came 2,000 years ago to open the way for the tree of life, only the one who blocked the way could unblock it. But later, the Passover, was abolished by Roman Emperor Constantine through the Nicea Council, in 325 AD, so without keeping the Passover, how can we eat from the tree of life and receve eternal life?
In 1948, our Heavenly Father Christ Ahn Sahng Hong, Second Coming Christ, came to the Church of God ( Hebrews 9:28) and brought back the Passover, it means that the way for the tree of life was open again. Only God can unblock the way and Christ Ahnsahnghong did it, because He is God Almghty.