Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Testimony of the Savior

Today I reviewed the Savior in each age and the New Name. It felt as if I have not studied it before. I understood so much more than the first time.

Christians now a days continue to call on the name of Jesus even though the age of the Son has clearly ended, and are now in the age of the Holy Spirit. They are like the people two thousand years ago who continued to call on the name of Jehovah all the while Christ was in the world. They failed to understand God's will about time limitation. All things on this earth has a time limitation, even the name of the Savior. Therefor, they rejected their Savior and lost Salvation.

When we look in Isaiah 43:10, Jehovah is the savior;
But in Acts 4:12, Jesus is the Savior.

According to the Bible, we can only call on one name for Salvation.
So what is the name which we must call on?

Without knowing God's plan of salvation, we will end up just giving up in faith.

Thanks be to Christ AhnSahngHong for revealing his plan of salvation to us.

Now I know that in this Holy Spirit Age, it is no longer by the name of Jehovah that we are saved; nor by the name of Jesus, But by the name of AhnSahngHong.

This is the name of the Savior in this Holy Spirit age. How wonderful it is to know True Almighty God in the Bible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!