Friday, April 23, 2010

Heavenly Mother, New Jerusalem, is true love

If we realize the love of God, our Heavenly Mother, the New Jerusalem, we will be in the position of the heavenly royal priesthood. We will able to resist and to overcome the power of the evil one. Only when we cherish the love of our Mother and put it into practice, we will able to become "those who overcome" (Rev. 3:12) just as Mother has won eternal victory.
Only when we fill our hearts with God's holy love, we can preach sincerely and practice true love. Mother's love that works within us enables to take care of one another, so we will enter the kingdom of heaven together.
Heavenly Mother is the source of love; let us share the love we have received from Her with our brothers and sisters and with our neighboors who have not received the truth yet, so that the glorious way can be opened from them all to fly to the arms of Heavenly Mother.
Let us preach to all people around the world and provide the love to them as much as we can, so we will all go to the eternal kingdon of heaven together.