Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let's receive the wisdom of Heavenly Mother as King Salomon did

I would like to write about it again, because yesterday, Third day Service was so amazing, Father and Mother really know what we need to hear and to listen. "Let's overcome through the wisdom of Salomon". Why King Salomon is testified in the BIble? He received the wisdom of God after offered the Lord a thousand holocausts, because he only prayed for wisdom, to be able to reign and act correctly according God's laws after he received the kingdom of Israel at very early age. He was able to discern between the two mothers who were claiming the same children and gave it to the true mother. He was so blessed because God gave to him His own wisdom.
We are the spiritual Salomons in the age of the Holy Spirit, we are the ones who are building the spiritual Jersusalem temple, but we have to over come our own trials, our mind, our own thoughs and only follow the Ark of the Covenant, as Salomon did and God will be always with us.
Brothers and sisters in Zion, lets follow in this age, the Ark of the Covenant, let's only follow our Heavenly Mother, our God and we will overcome the world and we will receive the crown of the eternal life.