Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let us walk the path of Christ Ahnsahnhong and Heavenly Mother

Today, many people claim to be christian. How can we tell if the are true christians who follow the teachings of Christ or false christians who follow false doctrins? A pastor's preaching ability and the size of the church can not help us tell the true Church to the false Churches at all.
Only the Bible is our standard. Those who follow the teachings of the Christ written in the Bible are true Christians, and those who don't, are not Christians, even if they claim to be christians. For this reason we reject different gospels but focus on only the gospel of Christ.
God's sons should do all things Jesus did. That is why Jesus set us examples. if we don't follow the examples of Christ, we can neither become God's sons, nor go to heaven.
Christ came for a second time in 1948, with a new name, Ahnsahnghong, to remind us all things He taught us when He came as first time, and He came with His bride, our Mother. As was prophecied in the Bible, They came to this earth in the flesh. We have to walk the path They walked, no matter hoy joyful, painful or hard it is, and then we will surely become God's sons and will inherit the kingdom of heaven.