Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heavenly Father and Mother are the Lords of the Sabbath

The process of effort is required to complete something in this visible, physical world. Likewise, in the spiritual world, God continues to work to make us perfect. Every Sabbath day, God blesses us and give us new strenght so that we not be lacking in anything as citizens of heaven. Thinking of the love of God, let's remind ourselves of the meaning and significance of the Sabbath.
When we keep the Sabbath day, we receive holiness from God.
The Sabbath is a day God made His promise to make His people holy and to give them blessings from the creation of the world. It is also a day given as an opportunity for us to conmemorate the authority of the Creator and to undertsand God correctly. On this holy day, God cleanses us from our sin and purifies our hearts. God has given us the Sabbath as the fourth of the Ten Commandments, and told us not to forget the Sabbath day but remember it by keeping it holy.
The Sabbath is a definite sign for recognizing God's people. By keeping the Sabbath, God's people come to know God who makes them holy, and God acknowedges those who keep the Sabbath as His people.
The commands of God are radiant, giving light to the eyes (Ps 19:8). We can discern if a church follows the Bible through whether or not it keeps the Sabbath, and we also understand what kind of people God leads to the path of salvation.