Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our Mother Jerusalem revealed in the Bible

Only God is true love, only God gives us the most amazing thing in this world: eternal life.
But if we do not know the true nature of God, if we dont know the invisible qualities of God, if we dont know the divine nature of God, how can we receive eternal life?. The Bible says that these invisible qualities, the divine nature of God is clearly seen since the creation of the world so that at the end no body can say that did not know God (Rom.1:19-20).
According to the Bible, God made man in his own image and likeness(Gen.1:26-27) Adam and Eve. Then, the divine nature of God, his invisible qualities are male and female. God not only is God the Father but also Mother. Our spirit receives spiritual life from our Mother. We do have a Mother. She is revealed in the whole Bible. All the 66 books of the Bible testify about Her existance. Also, apostle Paul says in Gálatians 4:26 "But the Jerusalem that is above is free and She is our Mother." Paul, the faithful follower of Jesus Christ, who wrote many of the books of the New Testament, saw our Mother in heaven, he clearly testifies about Her.
Furthermore, in Revelations 22:17 says that eternal life (water of life) is given by the Spirit and the Bride (that it is not the church); only God can give us eternal life. The Bride is God Almighty, She is the Holy city, the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:9) that in the last days comes down to this earth from God. Our Mother Jerusalem came to this world and we are her wittnesses. Let us proclaim to the whole world about our Mother Jersualem, let us make Her the praise of this earth.

It is incredible it wonderful that it is the Bible, the past, the present and the future of the human race is written in the Bible, Karlita, this is difficult to believe but is certain, I can show you many things more, would enchant me that follow in contact and can see the marvelous secret of the cielo* that is revealed in the Bible to the children of // God (Mateo 13:10).