Friday, July 23, 2010

The glory of our Mother Jerusalem will be proclaim to all nations

Every single prophecy in the Bible has been fulfilled in human history without fail, and is still being fulfilled today. Some prophecies, which still remain unfulfilled, will surely be fulfilled soon according to the providence of God.
Now, we have the most important prophecy of the Bible before us. God said that the glory of Jerusalem would be proclaimed to all the nations of the world (Isa 62:6-7). Even though there is a prophecy, unless we ask God and make an effort to fulfill the prophecy, it will be delayed in its fulfillment and we will not share in the glory which is prophesied. As the soldiers of the heavenly army in Zion, we should keep in step with the prophecy and proclaim the glory of Jerusalem to the whole world.
Now, through the fire of the Holy Spirit, let's proclaim the glory of Jerusalem our Mother to the whole world. Then the people of all nations will come together to see the glory of God, and when each of them returns he will proclaim God's glory in his country (Isa 66:18-19). How amazing!

The love of our Holy Mother New Jerusalem

The Bible says that God is love (1 Jn 4:8). Until we have got where we are today, there have been God the Father who established the new covenant the truth of life-through His sacrifice and God the Mother who spares no effort to lead us to the eternal kingdom of heaven even at this moment.
Father's love is unmeasurable, and Mother's love is even more unfathomable, so we cannot grasp the depths of Her love for us. From Mother comes the power that enables the members of Zion to help one another and to become united in love. The endless sacrifice and love of Mother are defeating all the hindrances of Satan in the invisible spiritual world and are leading us, Her children, to victory.
The Bible repeatedly urges us not to stop spreading the glory of Jerusalem all over the world. If we understand Mother's boundless sacrifice, love and pain, we should proclaim Her glory to the ends of the earth.
Through mothers on this earth, we can understand the sacrifice and love of Heavenly Mother even a little bit. Every earthly system, everything done on this earth, is a copy and shadow of what is in heaven, and God created all things by His will
(Heb 8:5; Rev 4:11).
Heavenly Father and Mother New Jerusalem want us all to become a royal priesthood in heaven. Elohim have told us not to lose the glorious position but hold on to it, so that no one will take our crowns (Rev 3:11). Serving Heavenly Mother Jerusalem and receiving Mother's abundant love, let us preach the gracious love of life-the heavenly love-to all people around the world and provide the love to them as much as we can, so that we will all go to the eternal kingdom of heaven together.