Friday, May 21, 2010

Heavenly Father and Mother help us to overcome temptation

On the path of faith toward heaven, sometimes we run into an obstacle, temptation. We have to overcome temptation, so that we can safely arrive in heaven, the spiritual Canaan.
Temptation comes at the beginning of our life of faith, and it becames more severe as the heavenly Canaan draws nearer. The only way to overcome temmptation is to remain steadfast in our faith in heavenly Father and heavenly Mother and hope for heaven and to depend entirely on God with a possitive attitude.
Suffering comes upon everyone. We all have to face difficult situations. However, when we think back over our lives, we come to understand that Elohim God has put as in all those hard situations for our spiritual growth; for our spiritual maturity.
When we have absolute faith in God and see everything positive in a positive light, giving thanks rather than complaining. Elohim God help us to overcome temptation. Let's fear our Father and our Mother, Elohim God, and give Them glory, absolutely trusting and following Them. Then we,
the 144,000 saints, will overcome all the temptations and attain the eternal kingdom of heaven.
God bless you!!!

Let's live according heavenly Father and Mother's word

We, the people in Zion keep the Sabbath as Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and Mother New Jerusalem said, 'Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy" (Ex.20:8), and every sister wears a veil during worship as God said, "Woman ought to cover their heads while in worship" (1 Cor.11:4) Thus every act of faith-doing as God says-is obedience toward God.
Christians must always live according to the word of God, God told us not to add or take away from the words of the Bible (Rev.22:18) because He puts all the means for salvation together in the Bible.
If we walk the way God has showed us, we will find eternal life, salvation and heaven at the end of the way, where God will gladly meet us. keeping this deeply in mind, let's think about the blessings that we, who obey God's word will receive.
God bless you!!!