Thursday, January 7, 2010

Heavenly Mother, New Jersusalem is true love

When people hear the word “mother”, they feel warmth and comfort. The word ‘mother” implies home, yearning, sacrifice and love.
After going through nine months of pregnancy, a mother gives birth to a child in so much pain, shedding blood. And for the child, she sacrifices her self and loves him or her untiringly all her life time. A mother even becomes superhuman to save the life of her child.
Mother is life. Of course, father is also essential for life. However, it is not the father who ultimately gives birth to a child, but the mother.
As human mother gives her children life, so the spiritual mother gives her children eternal life. According to the Bible, the spiritual Father and Mother are to come in the flesh and to lead the people of all nations into life in the last days. This gives many people a shock and also arouses sympathy from them.
Some say that God has made mothers because He can’t be everywhere. However the Bible tells us that God, who is everywhere, has come to this earth as the heavenly Mother to save mankind. Truly God is love.