Friday, October 15, 2010

You are the One who has to come, Christ Ahn Sahng Hong and Jerusalem Mother

Now we are living in the Age of the holy Spirit, according to the prophecy in the Bible. Our savior in this age is Father Ahn Sanhg Hong and our Mother Jerusalem, who are the Spirit and the Bride. we must testify about Them.
Not only at Jesus' first coming, but also at His second coming, people do not easily believe in Christ insisting on their own way of viewing Him. However, men thoughts can not lead us to salvation. We can be saved only when we follow God's thoughts. Even though we do not understand God's will right now. If we believe the prophecy and obey God's word, we can gain salvation and eternal life in the end.
God, who has come in the flesh should be our treasure, not a stone that causes us to stumble or a rock that makes a fall. Let us have firm faith in God saying: "You are the One who has to come" rather than doubt asking, "Are You the One to come?". When we have such a confident faith, we can follow the Lam where ever he goes, as the faithful 144,000.
God said that He will appear a second time for those who are waiting for Him (Heb.9:28). Since God has come in the flesh as prophecied, He may look lower than the angels to the eyes of those who only focus on His physical appearence. How ever, we, the people of Zion, shoul find the divine nature of Christ, as the Apostles did. Let's firmily believe that God Elohim, Father Ahn Sanhg Hong and our Mother Jerusalem dwell among us, They are the creator and the source of water of life, who made all things and breathed life into us, and let us follow Them until the end, so that we can all enter the kingdom of heaven.