Friday, July 16, 2010

Let us fulfill Mother Jerusalem's Mission

The Spirit and the Bride say to all the people in the world, "Come!" They say, "Come to Zion, into the arms of Father Christ Ahn Sanhg Hong and Mother Jerusalem, and take the water of life freely." (Rev.17:22) Delivering this message from God Elohim to all nations is the mission given to us by our holy Mother Jerusalem.
Let us go to the ends of the earth, convey the voice of Father Christ Ahn Sanhg Hong and Mother Jerusalem to our lost brothers and sisters, and bring them to the kingdom of heaven. This is what we have to perform in this age, because this is the mission given to us, the children of God in this era, not anybody else. As God's children let us faithfully carry out this mission by going to all the people, who have not received the truth yet, and leading them to the water of life that the Spirit and the Bride give. Each and every one of us should faithfully carry out the mission entrusted by Father Ahn Sanhg Hong and Mother Jerusalem, so that we can all say, "Father and Mother, we've returned to You after finishing the mission You entrusted to us."
If we have not fully preached the word of life, the truth of the new covenant, now let us open our mouths wide and shout aloud, raising our voice like a trumpet. Let us faithfully carry out Mother's will with love and unity, so that we can say at the end of our days given by God on this earth, "Mother, we have finished our mission well and have now returned to You."
Dear brothers and sisters in Zion, let us do Mother's will with all our heart and soul by diligently speaking God's words to all people, whether they listen or fail to listen, and leading all the children of God on the path to the kingdom of heaven, so that we will go to heaven, our eternal home, altogether.