Friday, May 28, 2010

Heavenly Mother is so amazing!!!

The Spirit and the Bride, Elohim God, have come to this earth in order to give us eternal life and make us inmortal with the water of life. Unless we receive Them, we can never gain eternal life. Look at all the things created by God's will. Their physical lives can not be given by their fathers alone, but they are formed and completed in their mother's wombs. In the same way, our souls can be re-created into inmortal beings by our Heavenly Mother as well as by our Heavenly Father.
Elohim God established the Sabbath day in order to understand Their divine nature and also to give us the blessings of heaven and make our souls born again through the water of life.
God Elohim truly love us so much, They also let us know the deep mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, so we can truly believe, increase our faith and relay only in Them. Their love for us so deep, They abandoned Their heavenly throne and came to this world to save us from sin. Isn't it amazing? Only God Almighty can do it. Only God give us this amazing true love, only the love of our Heavenly Mother can take us back to the kingdom of Heaven. She is here in this earth, waiting for us to change, praying for us day and night so we can understand about this amazing blessing of he kingdom of heaven.
Brothers and sisters in Zion let us bear our 10 talents, let us make our Heavenly Mother the praise of this earth and She will take us back to our heavenly home very soon.
God bless you!!!