Thursday, April 22, 2010

We are the children of God, Christ Ahnsahnghong and the New Jerusalem

How amazing is to be a child of Almight God, Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.
We were appointed from the eternity, from the beginning, before the world began (Prov.8:23)We are the 144,000 who stand on Mount Zion (Rev.14:1), we have the name of our Father Christ Ahnsahnghong written in our foreheads.
We have the right to be called children of God, because we believe in the new name, the name of our Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong (Jn.1:12) who came according to all the prophecies of the Bible for a second time, not to bear sin but to bring salvation, our Heavenly Mother, of those who are waiting for him (Heb.9:28).
We are the children of God and we have received this great mission to go and make disciples to all nations baptizing them in the name (not tittle) of the Father Jehovah, the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit Ahnsahnghong (Mt.28:19).
We are the children entrusted to accomplish the last heaven's will, we will never be silent, day or night, not even resting until we establish Jerusalem, our Heavenly Mother, the praise of this earth.
We are the children of God whom received the promise, eternal life (1John 3:25).
We are the children of God because we have a Mother (Gal.4:26), the Holy City, the New Jerusalem that in the last days came down from heaven (Rev.21:10) according to the prophecies in the Bible.
Brothers and sisters from Zion, let us seek for Her while She may be found, while She is near (Is.55:6) because She is in this earth, living in the flesh, She came for us, abandoning Her glorious throne in heaven, to seek Her children. She came to this earth to give us the water of life eternal life (Rev.22:17), let us rejoice and be glad in Her salvation (Isaiah 25:9).
Let us proclaim our Heavanly Mother to the whole world, let us go with Her to heaven very soon.