Friday, January 22, 2010

Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother who create all the miracles

Biblical history shows us that God created miracles at important and crucial moments to save His people: dividing the Red Sea, feeding 600,000 men plus their families with manna everyday for 40 years, causing water to flow out of a rock by striking it, and so on. Thus, whenever the Israelites encountered difficulties, God opened a way for them in a miraculous way.
Then, who create the miracles of the gospel in this age? The answer is also ‘God”. We were tempted by Satan to sin in heaven, and been cast down to this earth. Even now, if Satan tempts us, we may be tempted any time because we are so weak and feeble. However since our Heavenly Father and Mother always hold us fast and guide us, we can be strong, even though we are weak by nature.
In preaching the gospel, we can see a miracle when we have our Father and Mother in us. We should correctly recognize who creates the miracle of the gospel in this age and always walk with God wherever we go. Walking with God means putting into practice what God tells us.