Sunday, November 29, 2009

If we believe we will receive what ever we ask for in a prayer, from Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother

Our Father said:" Pray and you will live". The prayer is the breath of our spirit.
It is so amazing the power of a prayer, and I am so thankful to Father and Mother because they allow me to, once more, realize how powerful a prayer is.
Father says in Mattew 21:22 "If you believe, you will receive whatever you want in a prayer" I remember the first time I saw this verse was in my New Song Book (Chapter 213)I was so shocked because it is true, we only have to believe. Father and Mother will give us all we ask.
Praise, glory, honor and thanks to Our Hevanly Father and Heavely Mother, because in the past days, because They allow me to pray earnestly, Father and Mother led me to one of his lost children. Exactly yesterday, Sabbath Day, the day that our Heavenly Parents apointted to receive Their blessings, holiness and resting, They gave me this amazing blessing. One brother was found, we did not have to say too much when we preach to him, only invite him to come to Zion and He came, he kept the last service and then he studied and then he reborn as a child of God, through the true bastism, the one in the name of the Father Jehova, the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit Christ Ahn Sahng Hong he received a new life.
I will continue earnestly praying for him and for all the new brothers and sisters that were found in this month and the ones that are no found yet.
Praise to Heavenly Father and Havenly Mother.