Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Oxford Revision Vol. I

Lets give new meaning to words. Take a word and turn it into an acronym so that it will show it true spiritual meaning.

For Example:


Father Ahn Sahng Hong






Saturday, June 30, 2007

King Of King Ahn sahng Hong

O Father Ahn Sahng Hong you truly are King of Kings, Lord of Lords.
You loved us So much, that you left your heavens’ throne behind.
He shines the light of salvation light of life from the east.
To the west the light reaches to the earth’s ends, God AhnSahngHong shines his light.
Holy is our Heaven’s Father God AhnSangHong, forever and ever praise him
O King of Kings O lord of lords you gave us the crown of life
Christ Ahn Sanhg Hong because of your Sacrifice we became one hundred and forty four thousand with a promise
O king of kings how much you suffered for us to show us our Heavenly Mother
She is the last secreate and worthy of praises forever more
Father Ahn Sahng Hong and mother thank you for giving us eternal life.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

How did i come to the truth?!

First and foremost, I want to give all thanks, honor, and praise to our heavenly Father Christ Ahn Sahng Hong and Mother. Before being called to the truth, things were so different in my life. My goals were different; they were of earthly nature.

In addition to the real estate classes, someone had given me the book The Davinci Code. I decided to read it even though I had not leisurely read a book in a long time. Woven into the storyline of the book was the fact that Christians observe the Sabbath on Sunday and the reason being was that Constantine changed it from Saturday to Sunday and that they do not realize they are worshipping on the wrong day.

It also spoke of Easter being the Teutonic goddess of spring, which has nothing to do with Christianity. I underlined those specific parts of the book and lost interest soon after and never finished reading the book. Instead it sparked my interest in Christianity and confirmed for me that the Sabbath day was Saturday.

All this happened around the same time I was preached to. On one of the last Thursdays of the real estate classes, I finally gave in and I was depressed enough to go to Mall but made a compromise with myself. Since it was already 8:45 and the stores closed at 9:00pm, I would head straight for a certain store and not stop anywhere else.

While on this late night shopping mission I was stopped by two girls that had seen the cross around my neck and asked if I believed in God. Of course I said, and then they asked about the Sabbath day. I stopped immediately and listened, they were telling me about the Sabbath and Passover, but while they were speaking to me, security came and told them they could not preach here.

They gave me a pamphlet and their phone numbers and called a few times that week, but so many things had come up that I felt like I did not have any time. I read the pamphlet over and over again thinking this is right!

About a month later, while I was at work, I was thinking about going to the church. I remember wanting to call and I looked and looked for the pamphlet but could not find it and was not sure if I had deleted the messages they had left me.

I was actually thinking about it the whole day and was on the computer later that Friday night looking for the website when one of the evangelists called me. The situation was peculiar: I was thinking about calling the whole day and an hour after I got home they called me.

I kept on saying “Wow, what a coincidence!” and the evangelist kept saying, “No, it is God, just wait, you will see.” I said I would go the next day, the Sabbath day, and I have been going since then.

I pray that Father Ahn Sahng Hong and Mother will guide us to Their lost children and give so much thanks and praise to Christ Ahn Sahng Hong and Mother. Please Visit

What is homesick?!

Hello, this is my first post! i approach to you guys while going through this pilgrimage called life! Now... why homesick? still in Colorado... still in Denver... still in the same little house where i was born... still homesick. My Home... Kingdom of Heaven is what i miss the most, a place that is like my Heavenly Parents describe, a place full of beauty, with no pain, no sorry, no death... a place that i am going to see veeeery soon!!!! I read a post from a sister the other day, Wow how beautiful heaven must be. Sometimes to keep the word of God inside of me, I read what Father Christ Ahn Sahng Hong teachings and what he left for me in . Without word of God I am nothing, without Kingdom of Heaven there is no Hope, let's belive in Christ Ahn Sahng Hong and his teaching because his teachings are true. Look into believe and see the power of God and his promise. Without Heavenly Father Christ Ahn Sahng Hong and Heavenly mother New Jerusalem How can we go back home. Lets give thanks Father Ahn Sahng Hong and Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem, and praise him forever and ever.

Father Christ Ahn Sahng Hong is coming soon, but meanwhile, im planning to make this blog my journal! so welcome to Jen's Journal, feel like in your blog!