Monday, November 30, 2009

How can I praise Heavenly Mother: Holy City the New Jerusalem

"How can I praise God with these little lips of mine?".We can not, I can not. The glory of Heavenly Mother is amazing, even the highest heavens can not contain Her. Heavenly Mother is love, mercy and sacrifice. Since She came to this world in the flesh, being God Amighty, She never doubt about leave Her heavenly throne to come to this earth to seek Her children. Her love for us is infinite, is a true love.
According to the bible, Her coming was prophecied for the last days, now, the Bride has made herself ready for the wedding of the Lamb (Rev.19:7), and we are invited to participate in it. Actualy this is such an amazng blessing, because the Bible testifies that Her children will adorn Her wedding dress.
I am really amazed to be part of this prophecy and be a witness of its fulfillment. Heavenly Mother is only wating for us, as soon as we wake up we will go to heaven with Her. Please, let us not delay anymore. Let us praise our Heavenly Mother now, with our faith, with ou deeds, being obedients, following Her teachings, making Her the praise of the earth...
All praise, honor, thanks and glory to our Heavenly Mother the New Jerusalem