Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heavenly Mother the New Jerusalem, the Queen of the universe

Gal. 4:26: "But the Jerusalem that is above is free and She is our Mother". Apostol Paul testified 2000 years ago that we have a Mother, and Apostol John testified in Rev 21:9 that in the last days, She, the Holy City the New Jerusalem will come down from heaven out of God. Our Heavenly Mother, Almghty God, the Queen of the Universe already came, and She is here according to the prophecies in he Bible, She came from the east to give us the water of life freely, the eternal life. How amazing is to live in the days when She is here in the earth with us, how amazing is that while we are living in this world we can praise Almighty God, we can see Her, we can touch Her. I really have no words to express how blessed I am that I met God in the flesh, that I was with Her and I could touch Her and hug Her.
Heavenly Mother is our salvation. She came to this earth for us to give us true life. Thanks Heavenly Mother for Your coming.